Meal plan ideas

For people living with CF

Lara Mathers

CF Dietitian,
BSc (Nutrition & Dietetics, Hon I)

Tamarah Katz

CF Dietitian,
BNutrSc, MNutrDiet


Eating a healthy diet can play a major role in how well you or your child with CF feels on an everyday basis.1 In fact, it has been shown that good nutrition and a healthy body weight are directly linked to better lung function in people with CF.1

Check out these meal plan ideas that have been designed to ensure you get the nutrition that you need. For example, if all meals and snacks are consumed in the day as shown, you will meet your recommended daily intake of calcium.

Each meal plan also includes options for people who want to gain weight (“calorie boost”)Green-arrow_9.pngand for those who want to lose weight (“calorie cut”) Red-Arrow_8.png


    1 cup rolled oats mixed with 250mL full cream milk with 1 piece of fruit on top

    Red-Arrow_9.png Skim milk and reduce rolled oats portion size


    1 wholemeal wrap spread with ⅓ avocado, filled with grated carrot, tinned salmon (95g tin), 1-2 lettuce leaves and salt and pepper
    1 pear

    Green-arrow_8.png Extra avocado or use tinned salmon in oil or have double portion, i.e. 2 wraps with all fillings
    Red-Arrow_9.png Use tinned salmon in spring water and only 1 wrap


    Omelette with ½ cup feta cheese, chopped capsicum/mushroom, chopped tomatoes and spinach on 2 slices wholegrain toast

    Green-arrow_8.png Add butter or avocado on wholegrain toast, pre-fry vegetables in lots of healthy oil before adding to omelette
    Red-Arrow_9.png No spread on bread and use healthy spray oil to cook vegetables before adding to omelette


    1 x 200g yoghurt pot

    30g portion mixed nuts

    Green-arrow_8.png Use full fat yoghurt and double portion of nuts
    Red-Arrow_9.png Use low fat yoghurt


    2 poached eggs, 1 slice smoked salmon with 2 slices wholegrain toast and 1 apple

    Green-arrow.png Spread butter or avocado on wholegrain toast
    Red-Arrow.pngg Omit smoked salmon and no spread on wholegrain toast


    2 slices wholegrain bread spread with ⅓ avocado or 2 slices cheddar cheese, thinly sliced cucumber
    1 banana

    Green-arrow.png Extra avocado for added healthy calories, double portion, i.e. 2 x sandwiches
    Red-Arrow.pngg Use low fat cheddar cheese


    BBQ red meat with 3-4 vegetables

    1 x 200g yoghurt (fruit flavoured or Greek yoghurt)

    Green-arrow.png Cook meal and vegetables with lots of healthy oil e.g. extra virgin olive oil. Use full fat yoghurt and add chopped or ground nuts sprinkled on top.
    Red-Arrow.pngg Bake vegetables in oven, grill with minimal oil on BBQ or steam. Use low-fat yoghurt and no nuts on top


    1 glass full cream milk

    30g nuts



    1 cup muesli mixed with 200g yoghurt, 1 tbsp LSA (linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds) mixture and 1 banana

    Green-arrow_8.png Use full fat yoghurt and add extra LSA mixture, i.e. 2 tbsp
    Red-Arrow_9.png Use low fat yoghurt and reduce to 1 tsp LSA mixture


    Lean stir fried beef in hoisin/soy sauce with boiled basmati rice and stir-fried broccoli, bok choy

    1 glass (250mL) full cream milk

    Green-arrow_8.png Fry lean beef and broccoli in healthy oil
    Red-Arrow_9.png Measure out beef portion size (120g) and dry-fry, steam broccoli, use low fat milk to drink


    Grilled salmon with basmati rice and broccoli

    1 peach

    Green-arrow_8.png Fry salmon and broccoli in healthy oil
    Red-Arrow_9.png Measure out salmon portion size (120g) and dry-fry, steam broccoli


    1 x 200g yoghurt pots

    1 x cheese and crackers


    This article provides a general overview of nutritional goals in people with CF. Your CF care team, including your dietitian, can provide you with more detailed information on your specific dietary requirements.

      1. Cystic Fibrosis Australia. Nutrition & Cystic Fibrosis - A Guide for Adults. Published 2016.

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